Tuesday, September 11, 2012

First post!!!

I don't really know why I'm trying this again.  I was terrible the first time I tried blogging - although maybe that was because I was blogging about dog training instead of my daily life.  Yeah, we'll go with that.   So, here goes!  I want to blog so people who are close to us but physically far away can keep up with the who's and what's of our daily life. Also, because I like attention.  Not.  But seriously. I'm going to blog about our life because I'm pretty sure my coworkers are sick of seeing ANOTHER BAYBEH PICHER! AGAIN! AND FROM ANOTHER ANGLE! Also, I'm sure they really don't care about my boobs, or the baby's butt rash, and yet, I insist on telling these stories over. And over. So I will begin being more humble at work and instead insist that the interwebz ooh and aah over my baby, my home, and my husband. 

So.  Where to start?  I have no idea, so I'll just start with today, I guess.  It's 9/11 again.  I was flipping through the channels last night while trying to put the baby to sleep (tangent: The baby is a wiggling mess of I have to see all the things! But I want your boob!  Don't they make this thing in a takout cup option??!!) and the 9/11 documentaries had already started.  I quickly flipped past them, not ready to subject myself to the downer yet.  I mentioned this to Mike and he said he was surprised it wasn't a whole week of it.  On one hand, I understand that we need to remember and memorialize what happened that day, but on the other hand, I really wish we could just put it behind us.  Personally, I will not be watching any of the 'coverage' today.  My hormones just cannot handle it.  I do not want to cry today, and if I were to watch or read any of it, I will.  I can't help but think about all those mothers who did not return to their babies, or those fathers who will never be with their families again - and then the obvious line of reasoning brings me to what our little family would be like if either Mike or I were involved in a tragedy that took us away.  I picture Mike and Mitch sitting without me and it makes me so deeply sad.  Wow - sorry to be such a downer.  We'll move on now.

I suppose I can introduce our little family to the interwebz:

I am Courtney.  I was born and raised in St. Paul, so I am a Minnesota Native. Actually, so was Mike, so that doesn't really set me apart from the rest of the family.  I'm a classically trained flutist, I like to think of myself as being crafty and artsy. I paint and draw in my free time (ha! What free time??!!). 

This is Mike, the husband.  He's just...Mike, I guess.  He's solid and strong.  He's one of my pillars of strength.  He knows when to pick me up and support me, and also when to knock me down a little. I love him.

This is Mitch.  Stats:  6 months old, 96th percentile for weight.  Likes: Boobs, sweet potatoes, pulling the dog's ears.

Supporting characters:  Scotch the cat, and Greta the dog.  Our first babies.  Both of them are very weird little animals, so they fit in just fine. 

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